Registration Fee

The registration fee for the conference is 5.- Euros. If you have not pre-booked, the fee will have to be paid in cash at the door. Participants who book ahead are asked to transfer the fee within 7 days of their booking into the following account (we cannot guarantee bookings in the case of no or late transfers):
D. Gloe
IBAN: DE98213522400001373365
Stichwort: Berlin Konferenz/Anmeldung


We highly advise to register for the conference (with full name of every participant). The final date for registrations is 1 February 2018. Please have confirmation of your registration with you at entrance and make sure to transfer your registration fee in time. We won’t be able to guarantee you a seat in case of no or late fees. Booked seats will be reserved until 9:15am on the day of the conference. Seats unclaimed by that time will be reassigned. Please register at:


The conference takes place on 10 February 2018 at 10.00am. The event is expected to finish at ca. 10.15pm.


Alte Jakobstraße 12


Abridged translations of English presentations into German will be provided by the moderators. We will try to organise bilingual participants to secure help for international english-speaking guests with translating the German talks.

Photography, video and sound recordings

are not permitted. The conference will be recorded by the organizers and a documentation published later on.


Drinks and light meals/snacks will be available for purchase at affordable prices in the foyer.

General Notices

All dissemination, display or sale of print media of any kind at the conference (including in the auditorium and foyer) is permitted only when approved by the organiser. Displaying flags of any nation is prohibited throughout the event. The instruction of stewards is to be absolutely followed at all times.